Cycling redirection on home page of SPIP website

Once upon a time I opened the homepage of my website and was redirected to nowhere.

The URL was something like

I was very surprised.

So I started recovery works on the website. Usually, hen I see any matters with website first I clean the cache manually - remove everything in /tmp folder except the /tmp/dump. Second stage is to upgrade SPIP to the current version in it branch.

I did all - cleaning and upgrading to 2.1.19 but it didn’t help me. The .htaccess was off and website still redirecting me without /plugins and /squelettes folders. This means that php files works correctly and the matters could be only in database.

I check the database (analyze table) with PhpMyAdmin and some tables were corrupted (spip_meta and some other). I did the repair operation and the website began to work.

Hope this story would help you.

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