TOP-10 SPIP plugins for web development

Plugins we use almost in every website.

A few years we create sites using CMS SPIP. During that time we have selected several plugins being regularly used when creating sites.

Standard plugin.

These plugins are installed in each site that we create.

CFG – necessary to config other plugins, thus set up on default.

Metas – necessary in order to have an opportunity to specify Meta data(keywords, description, title) for each article or section. Moreover, we are going to modify this plugin, that is, allow to add meta data to keywords, groups of keywords and editors.

For SPIP 3.x we use plugin SEO

Google Analytics – so that the user will be able to change or add the code Google Analytics from administrative panel.

For SPIP 3.x we use plugin SEO

Crayons – for editing an information directly at site. It is liked people which operate with our site and saves our labour.

Templates used for creation of multilingual sites

We use 2 plugins during creation of multilingual sites:

Items & Traduction. This plugin allows to control translations of words & phrases, which do we use in templates, that is much easier than to edit different local_ru.php files via FTP.

But this plugin doesn’t suit SPIP3.x.

Traductions de rubriques. SPIP has ebedded option which allows to find different translations of the same article. Due to this, user can see all available translations.But such option is absent for sections, thus plugin remove this falt.

Work with administrative panel.

In some cases standard interface of CMS do not fit needs for certain site, and it is must be changed.

Personnaliser l’espace prive. Quite often there is neccessity to config fields of different section on other way, – at one section to provide user to edit @chapo@, at the another - switch it off. At complex websites it is necessary to rename field names, for example instead of "subtitle" ( soustitre) get «price», but in one section only. This plugins provide tremendous possibilities at interface configuraion.

But this plugin doesn’t suit SPIP3.x.

Alias Articles possibility to create copies. For example, you need to display the same article in two different sections, but when do we edit info at the main article, in fo at another changes automatically. In that case, it is irreplaceable plugin. But it is necessary to remember that if the web-site has been correctly created, there is no need to clone information.

Previsualiser enables to preview unpublished materials from web-site administrative panel. On default, you can review only published articles.

Work with templates

Composition. Before I got to know about that plugin, we had defined what kind of plugin to use for displaying certain page or section by means of keyword (keywords). In projects with 5 different templates of item displaying and 3 different ways of article displaying the code had been very difficult that made complicated further work with web-site. Composition helps to set up through web-site administrative panel which kind of template has to be used for displaying that section or page. Opportunity of template setup is well realized for subsections and articles in current section. Despite the duplication of code is increased, the reduction of web-site logical operation is worth being intensively applied.

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